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Turkish coffee. Brewed coffee in copper cezve on wooden surface Rustic bowls of cornflakes with spoons on light wooden surface Oven Baked Cabbage Pies on Rustic Wooden Table Homemade chocolate truffles coated with black coffee Steeping red tea in glass mug. Pouring boiled water from iron kettle. Bacon-wrapped button mushrooms stuffed with grated cheddar cheese and spices Two Portions of Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo with Bowl of Grated Cheese Slices of rhubarb galette on white plate with glass of white wine Seasoned chicken breast baked in oven with vegetables on baking sheet Drinking glass of pomegranate cocktail with freshly squeezed juice Bowl of Summer Dessert with Fresh Raspberry and Cream and Glass of Coffee on Rustic Surface Half of orange in a white cup over rustic table Oven Baked Pastries Stuffed with Siberian Chives and Mushrooms on White Plate Stack of Homemade Chocolate Donuts and Mugs of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow on Rustic Wooden Surface Background of Red Habanero Chili Peppers on a Light Concrete Surface Arabic tea with star anise, cardamom and dried lime in oriental glass over wooden surface Detox water with blood oranges in drinking glass One hawk feather over old wooden table Cup of tea with lemon, honey and ginger over wooden surface Delicious honeycomb on white plate with wooden honey dipper Sliced Cabbage Rolls Stuffed with Minced Beef and Rice on White Plate Served with Chopped Parsley Fluffy plant with dried tiny flowers. Selective focus Homemade red currant liquor in wine glass Stack of american pancakes on white plate over wooden table Yellow pattypan squash filled with minced meat and vegetables on white plate over wooden rustic table Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, leek and white rice. Turkish coffee and sliced ingredients. Corn flakes in a glass jar on wooden surface Rolled pork loin joint on cutting board with different spices Dark textured concrete wall background. Copy space Ripe Habanero Peppers on a Wooden Surface Metal Bowl of Fresh Green Beans Bowl Full of Red Habanero Chili Peppers on a Dark Wooden Backdrop. View from Above Tea in armudu glass with oriental delight rahat lokum on metal tray over wooden surface and tablecloth Knife stabbed in the yellow leaves and old stump in the autumn forest Roasted coffee beans in cup over wooden surface French toasts with caramelized apple with cinnamon Multicolored fresh bell peppers in bowl over wooden background Freshly Repotted Rosemary from Bed in Greenhouse Pork chop steak and pasta with capers and lemon zest Fresh watermelon, gin cocktail with soda and garnished with mint leaves Hake carcasses on cutting board with knife and bowl over wooden surface Sea Bass on Cutting Board. View from Above Cinnamon sticks in a metal mugr over rustic wooden surface Cup of green tea with brown tea sugar on a wooden background Pork loin steaks with ground spices on baking paper Jar of Italian whole wheat fusilli pasta Circular mosaic religious symbol Star of David on stone wall. Bruschettas with vegetables and fried egg on white plate, cup of coffee and some fruits over wooden background. Healthy food concept. Word Meat Spelled Out In Fresh Pods of Green Beans on Dark Concrete Background Repotted Young Tangerine Plant in a Ceramic Pot at Home