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Bremen city by river at sunset, Germany pink autumn sunrise over forest swamp, Friesland, Netherlands pony graze on sunny pasture, Holland winter morning over swamp in coniferous forest, Friesland, Netherlands misty clouded winter morning on lake in forest cold misty winter morning over wild lake dramatic purple sunset over Atlantic ocean, Etretat, Normandy, France purple sunrise over Atlantic ocean and cliffs, Normandy, France wild lake in forest and dense fog, Drenthe, Netherlands purple sunrise sky reflected in river, Onlanden, Drenthe, Netherlands spruce tree on misty marsh in autumn, Friesland, Netherlands autumn meadow over blue sky, Dwingelderveld, Drenthe, Netherlands snow winter morning on lake, Friesland, Netherlands snow misty morning on lake in coniferous forest sunrise over cliffs in ocean, Normandy dramatic red sunrise over cliffs in ocean, Etretat, France sunset sunlight over autumn marsh, Dwingelderveld, Drenthe, Netherlands calm, warm misty sunrise in summer over river misty sunrise on alpine meadows, Bavaria, Germany sunshine behind windmill in misty morning, Holland dramatic pink sunset over swamp, Drenthe, Netherlands trees on marsh in dense fog, Drenthe, Netherlands colorful buildings on water, Groningen, Netherlands pink autumn sunrise over forest swamp, Friesland, Netherlands Dutch windmill at stormy sunset, Holland misty summer sunrise over river, Drenthe, Netherlands water lily flowers on Barmsee lake, Bavaria, Germany blue sky over alpine meadows, Bavaria, Germany frozen wild lake in winter, Onlanden, Drenthe, Netherlands frozen river in cold clouded winter day dramatic purple sunrise over river, Drenthe, Netherlands Dutch windmill by river in dusk, Holland alpine green meadows and blue sky, Bavaria, Germany cute funny pony via fish-eye over blue sky flowering heather and misty summer morning, Drenthe, Netherlands Dutch windmill at sunrise by river, Holland winter sunrise over river, Onlanden, Drenthe, Netherlands Dutch farmland in winter, Drenthe, Netherlands spruce tree in naked winter forest, Friesland, Netherlands cliffs and Atlantic ocean in dusk, Etretat, France gold morning sunshine over misty marsh with trees in autumn sunrise over lake in cold autumn morning, Friesland, Netherlands mammatus clouds over swamp at sunset, Netherlands sunset over sand dunes, Nunspeet, Gelderland, Netherlands gold evening sunshine over sand dunes, Gelderland, Netherlands stormy dark sky over Atlantic ocean beach, Normandy, France gold sand beach on Atlantic ocean coast, France pink stormy sunrise over cliffs in ocean, Etretat, France colorful buildings on water in morning sunlight, Groningen, Netherlands dramatic purple sunrise over river, Drenthe, Netherlands