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Blue piggy bank and savings for rainy day. Crumpled paper and yellow cube as a leader overcomes obstacles. Divided house and wooden gavel. Division of real estate in case of divorce or inheritance. Dollars and chart from houses on them. Investments in real estate. House with inscription Property tax and a calculator. Crumpled black paper and house with inscription Real estate fraud concept. Close up of the flags of Norway and the Netherlands. Small flags of Iran and Norway next to each other. Head outline and colored gears as concept for lateral thinking, creativity and neurodiversity. Be unique abstract. Identical figures of people and one different. Employee performance concept. Wooden figures and graphs as indicators of success. Figures and sad emoticons. Concept of depression, stress or negative emotions. Torn bank statement and words bad debt. Penalty concept. Torn paper and a gavel as symbol of justice. Stack of papers about Adversary proceeding, gavel and glasses. Clipboard with written mark employee self-service. Documents with COIDA Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act. Notepad with handwritten mark expenditure by marker. Torn black paper and word hypochondria on the blue surface. Paper head with torn part and inscription Persistent depressive disorder PDD. Disabled Person sign and house as a symbol of real estate. Accessible home ownership rights. Sticker with the inscription tax deadline is pinned to the board. Canada flag and a sticker carbon tax rebate. Tax penalty concept. Calculator with sticker on it. Document about Medicare tax and a stethoscope. Multi-colored figures and one with Disabled person sign as a concept of inclusivity and diversity. A stack of money and a paper fish with inscription loan shark. A stretched thread with pins indicating stages of task or process. Supplemental insurance or cost of medicines concept. Close up of a bill and pills. Clock on shelf with an inscription me time. Wellbeing and positive thinking concept. Collage with young woman and smiles. Collage about internet sales and digital marketing. Hand holding laptop. Savings piggy bank with inscription wedding on the kitchen table. Office yellow folder with cubes LTV Lifetime Value. Head shape with words Behavioral activation. Negative emotions concept. Human figurine lies on crumpled black paper. Stressful environment. Head falls apart into puzzle pieces. Mental illness or memory problems. Key and a strip with inscription property fraud. Property lien. Small house and writing in notebook. A graph of growing arrows and inscription taxes. Nearby are flags of Germany and Switzerland. Close up of the flags of the Netherlands and Iran. Wooden head made from colored puzzle pieces. Autism, neurodiversity or creativity concept. The figures are the same and different as symbol of diversity and inclusion. Creativity and success. Rising red figure and colored cubes. New ideas concept. A figurine in the form of boss and arrows to employees. Delegation concept. Property valuation. A figurine of house and a hand with a magnifying glass. House outline as real estate concept and the words scam. Handwritten notes in notepad about Employee value proposition EVP. Sarbanes-Oxley act. Book with laws and gavel on the table.