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Sunset reflected in water. Josefuv Dul Dam, Jizera Mountains, Czech Republic. Asphalt road above Nove Mlyny Dam with Palava Hills on the background, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic. Silhouette of Jan Hus Memorial at Old Town Square by night. Prague, Czech Republic. Natural lake in Adrspach rocks on sunny autumn day. Adrspach-Teplice sandstone rock town, Czech Republic. Natural lake in Adrspach rocks on sunny autumn day. Adrspach-Teplice sandstone rock town, Czech Republic. Red dawn with cirrocumulus clouds illuminatedy by rising sun. Morning sky wallpaper background. Beautiful luxury swimming pool with bright blue water, umbrellas and sunbeds in Tuscan landscape. Evening summer sunset. Italy. Railroad tangle at large train station. Railway transportation theme. Black and white image. Silhouette of Jested mountain at sunset time, Liberec, Czech Republic. Litomerice cityscape with baroque St. Stephen's Cathedral and bell tower, Litomerice, Czech Republic. View from fortification walls and baileys. Detailed view of Valdice Gate, or Valdicka brana, in Jicin, Czech Republic. Row of iron pillars between cobbled street and pedestrian sidewalks. Black and white image. Aerial view of Liberec city and Jizera Mountains from Jested Mountain on sunny summer evening. Czech Republic. Narrow cobbled street in old medieval town with illuminated houses by vintage street lamps, Novy svet, Prague, Czech Republic. Night shot. Plesne Lake and Plechy Mountain in autumn. Sumava National Park, Czech Republic. Devasted forest in caues of bark beetle infestation. Sumava National Park and Bavarian Forest, Czech republic and Germany. View from Tristolicnik, Dreisesselberg, to Plechy, Plockenstein. Black and white image. Mumlava waterfall in autumn, Harrachov, Giant Mountains, Krkonose National Park, Czech Republic. Black and white image. Red dunes of Namib Desert near Sossusvlei, aka Sossus Vlei, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia, Africa. Red dunes and dry ground of Valley of the Death, or Deadvlei, Sossusvlei, Namib Naukluft National Park, Namibia Dead camel thorn trees in Deadvlei dry pan with cracked soil in the middle of Namib Desert red dunes, near Sossusvlei, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia, Africa. Black and white image. Bushman prehistoric rock engravings in Twyfelfontein, Namibia. Giraffe walk in Etosha National Park, Namibia, Africa Grazing buffalos and birds sitting on them, Chobe Riverfront National Park, Botswana Huge african elephant on sunny day in savanna. Young impala on safari game drive, Okavango region, Botswana. Termite hill in savanna, Okavango region, Botswana Ruins of Former Augustinian Monastery in Pivon, Czech Republic. Wooden house on Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, Longsheng, Guangxi, China. Group of hikers going up the path at Landmannalaugar, Laugavegur trek, Iceland. Godafoss waterfall in northern Iceland. Long exposure shot. Glacier ice cave formed by hot river, Iceland. Aerial view of Wroclaw from tower of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Poland. The Old Town Hall of Wroclaw on Market Square, Poland. Gothic style Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on Tumski Island, Wroclaw, Poland. Back side view from the street. Church of the Holy Cross, or St. Bartholomew's Church, on Cathedral Island, or Ostrow Tumski, in Wroclaw, Poland View of Piasek Island with Church of Our Lady, Wroclaw, Poland Panorama of Cathedral Island and its reflection in the river, Wroclaw, Poland. Asphalt road with with double white line and tree alley, in black and white Old houses in Terezin concentration camp, Czech Republic. Church of St. Peter and Paul in Krakow, Poland. Terraces of Machu Picchu - Incan lost city in Peru, South America. Aerial view of streets and houses in Cusco city, Peru. Aquaducts of Cantayoc in Nazca, Peru, South America Pre-incan mummy in Chauchilla archeological site, Nazca, Peru. Meerkat, aka suricate - Suricata suricatta. Kalahari desert, Botswana Africa Brown bear. Close-up view. Passo Giau with Mount Gusela on the background, Dolomites, or Dolomiti Mountains, Italy. Black and white image. Two palomino horses grazing on a pasture Black and white image. Colorful gables of renaissance houses in Telc, Czech Republic. Snowy owl, Bubo scandiacus, sitting on the tree stump