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Happy smiling korean girl winning on mobile phone, looking at horizontal smartphone screen and rejoicing, achieve goal, celebrating, standing over pink background. Stylish asian female model, talking on smartphone and showing credit card, standing over white background. Copy space Image of happy asian girl talking on speakerphone, recording, translating her voice with mobile phone app, talking in smartphone dynamic, standing over white background. Portrait of pleased good-looking blond european female in white dress, show credit card with satisfied expression, smiling camera, recommend bank services, use payment online, pink background. Stylish korean girl in sunglasses, playing mobile video game, laughing and smiling while using smartphone, standing over white background. Building, construction and industrial concept. Disappointed gloomy asian female engineer, architect in safety helmet and reflective clothing pouting displeased as looking and pointing fingers up. Girl in medical face mask from covid-19, showing shopping bag of store in mall, okay sign, recommending discount in shop, standing over white background. Portrait of asian businesswoman pointing fingers up and smiling, showing business company logo, information on top, standing over pink background. Holidays, beauty and spring concept. Portrait of lovely, romantic blonde girl in white dress, holding yellow tulips, looking at beautiful flowers, smiling and blushing, pink background. Lifestyle, beauty and fashion, people emotions concept. Curious and interested cute asian girl peeking and pointing fingers left at new promo banner with special discount in shop. Waist-up portrait of amazed blond girl say wow in excitement, pointing fingers up, showing person top advertisement with cool special spring discount, standing pink background. Thank you. Smiling asian saleswoman, corporate lady in suit thanking, holding hands in bag, gratitude gesture, standing over pink background. Asian angry woman arguing, shaking hands angry and screaming, shouting with frustrated face, standing over white background. Asian girl tourist with boarding tickets and passport going abroad, holding backpack, thinking of travelling, standing over white background. Image of smiling asian brunette woman pointing fingers up, showing advertisement with happy face, posing against white background. Portrait of smiling, pleasant businesswoman shaking hands with business partner, handshake, extending hand and saying hello, standing over pink background. Young asian woman traveller, girl tourist in sunglasses, holding backpack and mobile phone, using application on smartphone, standing over white background. Troubled young female office assistant, saleswoman in black suit shrugging and looking away worried, dont know what do, being confused and unaware, standing nervous over white background. Close up portrait of young asian girl looking surprised, express amazement and wonder, peeking through fingers, standing over pink background. Angry disappointed saleswoman in black suit complaining on small miserable size, showing something tiny and pouting displeased, standing bothered over white background. Copy space Portrait of joyful happy bright young girl in white dress, having fun, speaking to friend, calling person mobile phone, laughing and touching belly, close eyes smiling, hold smartphone near ear. Covid-19 safety protocol at enterpise, construction and preventing virus concept. Confident asian female engineer in helmet and face mask pointing at herself, advertise personal assitance. Microcredit, investment and business people concept. Young asian businesswoman, corporate lady showing money, cash dollars, thumbs up, recommending company, pink background. Close-up of happy asian female engingeer, real estate agent in helmet and business suit holding house miniature and smiling, architect working over renovation project, white background. Lifestyle, people emotions and casual concept. Tender asian woman with beautiful face, touching cheek gently and gazing camera, advertising beauty product, cosmetics or skincare items. Portrait of happy asian office lady, ceo businesswoman in suit rejoicing and laughing, winning, celebrating, achieve goal and rejoice, standing over pink background. Close-up portrait of hopeful, optimistic attractive woman in white dress, bite lip and smiling as daydreaming, hope dream come true, making wish or praying, standing pink background. Vaccine campaign from covid-19. Happy healthy asian girl showing okay sign and smiling, bandaid on shoulder from coronavirus vaccination, blue background. Close up portrait of asian young woman in sunglasses, smiling and looking romantic, standing happy over blue background. Copy space Satisfied smiling asian female architect, construction engineer in helmet and reflective jacket, showing okay gesture, approve and give permission for builing works, finish inspection. Beauty, tenderness and fashion concept. Attractive blond caucasian woman with tattoos in light white spring dress, raise hands up relaxed smiling with closed eyes, dancing, pink background. Eyewear advertisement. Stylish modern asian girl touches sunglasses, wears pink, poses against studio background. Copy space. Portrait of smiling asian girl in stylish outfit, sunglasses, pointing finger left, showing advertisement, banner, standing over pink background. Copy space Business, finance and employment, female successful entrepreneurs concept. Cheerful successful businesswoman in white suit pointing fingers upper left corner, showing advertisement. Image of angry, pissed off korean adult female model, shaking fists and shouting, screaming outraged, standing over pink background. Technology and people concept. Happy dancing asian girl in sunglasses, using smartphone, singing and smiling, standing over white background. Portrait of happy and pleased good-looking blond woman in white dress, recommend great product, leave positive review, show okay signs and smiling satisfied, standing pink background. Close-up of impressed asian female chief architect, industrial engineer in safety helmet and business suit, looking left surprised and amazed, standing white background at factory. Close up portrait of modern asian girl in sunglasses smiling, pointing fingers at camera, praise you, inviting or complimenting, standing over pink background. Creative smiling asian female architect thinking about new design during construction works, looking thoughtful with smile as holding small house minitature, white background. Portrait of sad korean woman sulking, frowning and looking upset, distressed frustrated face expression, standing gloomy against white background. Business, finance and employment, female successful entrepreneurs concept. Shocked asian office lady take-off glasses and widen eyes as hear big news, gasping amazed, stand white background. Enthusiastic asian corporate woman, businesswoman raising hand up and cheering, triumphing, winning and celebrating, standing over pink background. Smart and creative asian businesswoman have excellent idea, raising finger up and looking upper left corner thoughtful, suggest solution, make plan, saying thought over white background. Portrait of young asian woman in stylish sunlgasses, looking surprised, disbelief reaction, standing over pink background. Copy space Covid-19 and shop concept. Young asian stylish woman, wearing medical face mask, holding shopping bag, going in malls during pandemic, white background. Image of fully disappointed asian woman showing thumbs down, shaking head displeased, dislike smth, standing over white background. Happy smiling korean girl winning on mobile phone, looking at horizontal smartphone screen and rejoicing, achieve goal, celebrating, standing over pink background. Close up portrait of businesswoman, asian lady in office suit and medical face mask, looking and pointing up, showing company logo or banner on top, pink background. Close up portrait of stylish asian girl shows peace, v-sign and kissing, posing against pink background.