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Young green grass plants in square pots on a white glossy table with decorated old bottle vases and a yellow bouquet in blur. Smoking chimneys from the city thermal station against the background of the winter sky during the heating season, copy space. Road service workers in a truck with a telescopic ladder check the operation of street lighting in the winter. Copy space, vertical image. Multi-colored wicker textile baskets of rectangular and round shape for storing women's cosmetics and jewelry, close-up, copy space. A fragment of the facade and insulation of a house under construction using a winch and a mobile platform, installation of large window frames, reconstruction of a residential building. Professional multifunctional and modern sewing machine with spools of red thread close-up on the background of a sewing workshop in blur. Blurry river water reflection of the bare trees in the sunset in dry winter season. A professional cosmetologist performs an electromagnetic massage of the abdominal muscles on a woman patient on a high-intensity simulator. A worker with a grinder with a diamond cutting wheel trims paving slabs, standing barefoot and holding a stone cobblestone with one foot. Copy space, vertical shot. Fragment of an automatic drilling and milling machine with a fixed electric spindle with a drill for processing wood, aluminum and plastics in the manufacture of cabinet furniture. Light brown and beige striped sea stones. Vertical color photography, close-up. On the counter, cut into pieces and whole heads of homemade cheese of different varieties, on a gray background, copy space. Delicious and healthy food concept. A red stop sign at a railroad crossing against the backdrop of railroad tracks, blue train carriages and cityscape at the entrance to a winter city. A working group of road workers in orange overalls got together to discuss a work plan for paving the section of the road with fresh hot asphalt. Copy space. The facade of a high-rise residential building under construction at the stage of its insulation with mineral insulation. The windows reflect the blue sky, a vertical image. Various varieties of onions, yellow, white, red against the background of other vegetables, carrots, beets in blur are sold in trays on the market. Vertical image, close-up. A working team uses a road excavator to unload stacks of paving slabs to the side of the road for subsequent laying along a city street. The builder insulates the facade of a house under construction with mineral insulation around the windows using a construction cradle and an aluminum profile, the concept of heat saving in the house. The takeoff and flutter of the wings of a black crow against the backdrop of a snow-covered city park. Ripe and red pomegranate fruit cut into pieces on a turquoise speckled surface, close-up, copy space, selective focus. Sunny landscape of Goreme city with dozens of balloons flying in the sky of Cappadocia at sunrise in central Turkey. A road service worker compacts the asphalt on a fenced road section of the roadway with a petrol vibration plate compactor. Road workers in reflective clothing on a fenced-in section of road repairing the roadway using a hand-held road tool. Copy space. Road workers in reflective clothing on a fenced-in stretch of road discuss a roadway repair plan using an electric jackhammer, petrol cutter, shovel and brush. Copy space. Little boy learns to stand and skate outdoors holding on to the helper, a toy penguin against the background of rolling children in blur. Copy space, selective focus. A worker repairs a section of road, cuts worn asphalt in a cloud of dust with a portable asphalt cutter and a diamond cutting disc, copy space, close-up. The gardener tends the garden and collects the fallen leaves to a garden wheelbarrow on a bright day. Copy space, selective focus. Rusty landscape of the old park in the dry winter season, a married couple of people walk along the path on a bright sunny day. A wet driftwood of an old tree lies in the sandy shallow water against the background of transparent water and sun glare on the ripples, copy space. Roller type electromagnetic device for rejuvenating body skin procedures, hardware cosmetology, copy space. The hands of an old master set up a modern electric sewing machine and check the quality of the stitching. Installation of water measurement and pressure systems, close-up of pressure gauges, pipes and taps, control and accounting concept, copy space. A road worker compacts asphalt on the carriageway with a petrol vibratory plate compactor. A road worker adjusts the operation of a petrol vibratory compactor against the background of a vibratory roller, and holds an old broom for asphalting a small section of the road. Copy space. A set of various instruments for liposuction and body massage is used for the correction of a human figure, instruments of the apparatus of medical apparatus cosmetology close-up, vertical image. Tower cranes with a team of builders are erecting a new residential building using a monolithic frame method against a cloudy sky. A child in a bright yellow jacket learns to skate on an ice rink holding on to an assistant, a toy penguin dressed in a red frock coat. Copy space, selective focus, close-up. The old wooden textured facade of the house with carved platbands, curly wall elements and metal bars in the windows, illuminated by warm sunlight. A road service worker shovels old asphalt into the metal bucket of an excavator while repairing a section of the road. Yellow metal fence made of corrugated steel sheet with vertical rails. Corrugated yellow with light green stripes iron sheet close up background. Two beautiful wild ducks, a drake and a female, calmly swim along the surface of a forest lake, peacefully basking in the sun. Beautiful texture of red wet granite in the form of fine gravel in polished pieces, rounded and polished. Vertical color photography, close-up. Roofing made of rectangular clay tiles with worn, rusty surfaces. Background and texture, close-up. Drake, a wild duck with bright textured plumage, flaps its wings and stands on its tail over the surface of the river. Copy space. Construction yellow wheelbarrow with loaded curb concrete blocks at a marked sidewalk repair construction site on a spring afternoon. Copy space. Black textured wooden background of horizontal planks with longitudinal fibers patterns and knots. Panoramic shot. A beautiful fluffy cat with long fur, green eyes and erect ears prepares to dine outdoors in a spring park, warming up in the morning sun. Night starry sky over silhouettes of lonely trees and grass. The last light of the sunbeams of the setting sun at the bottom of the image, vertical image, copy space. A wild coot bird with black textured plumage and white forehead quickly swims along the surface of the river. Aquatic waterfowls. Copy space. Rows of gray steps of gray paving slabs laid out evenly, consistently and tightly to each other.