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Business Desk: Overhead view of a  notebook with a yellow post-it note, accompanied by a silver computer keyboard with a thumb drive. Closeup of a mug of hot cocoa with toasted marshmallows with cookies, chocolate chunks, cinnamon sticks, against a dark background. Silver Suitcase on a white background with international no symbol and Trip Cancelled. Tourism restrictions concept during pandemic. Santa Claus pointing, hand and arm only. Horizontal format over a light to dark red background. Closeup of Santa Claus holding a bottle of Champagne in the palm of his outstretched hand. Hand and arm only over a light to dark red spot background. Santa Holding a small wrapped gift isolated on white. Hands only. Santa Claus hand taking a champagne bottle in a cyrstal ice bucket isolated on white. Man not feeling well wearing a COVID-19 face mask while working from home. Santa Claus Sitting in His Workshop reading a letter. Vertical Composition. Santa Claus with his arms wrapped around a large sack of toys, isolated on white. Santa is mostly hidden. Black coffee in red mug on light gray tile - top view Top view of military fatigues, dog tags and American Flag on a wood background. Military service concept for Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Patriotic events. Santa Claus holding a Chocolate Chip Cookie Christmas Ornament, isolated over white, only hand and arm are visible. Santa Claus holding large candy cane over dark red background. Only hand and arm are visible. Square Format. Colorful note pads and pencil on teachers desk. Vertical format against a light to dark gray background. Closeup of Santa Claus hand holding a blank gift tag over a white background. Only Santa's white gloved hand red suit are shown. Open writing pad with a pencil underneath. High angle shot on a wood background. The pads pages are blank. Covid-19 and Sports Concept. Closeup of a pile of old used baseballs in vertical format with one ball wearing a surgical mask. Nine Back to School related images together in a collage. Colored Pencils: Closeup of five sharpened colorful pencils on a sketch book. Sports and Covid-19 Concept.  An american Foortball with a surgical mask. Flat lay shot of syringes a vial of Covid-19 vaccine and a surgical mask on a blue background. School Supplies: Still life on white of assorted school supplies with copy space. Covid-19 and Sports Concept. A tennis ball with Surgical Mask, isolated on white. Closeup of a pencil on a notebook page with the word homework partially erased. Back to school concept. A variety of school supplies arranged around a sheet of blank yellow paper. Vertical format with copy space Closeup of a doctor with an I Voted sticker on the COVID-19 protective mask he wore to vote. The man is wearing surgical scrubs with a stethoscope. A random pile of pencils. Brand new pencils scattered on a yellow surface. Great for back to school projects. Colorful Back to School Supplies arranged on a wood desk top. Valentines Day Concept: Heart shaped sugar cookies in a heart shaped box with cooling rack and rolling pin, with copy space. Closeup of a bottle of champagne and a single red rose against a pink background. Stethoscope, surgical mask and medical tablet computer on a set of surgical greens, Scrubs. Closeup of Santa Claus placing his bag inside a chimney. Horizontal with copy space over a light bokeh background and snow effect. A vial of Covid-19 vaccine with a syringe leaning on the bottle with more syringes, a bottle and surgical mask in the background. Equipment to administer a Covid19 Vaccination. Flat lay with surgical mask, syringe and vaccine vial, on pink background. Back to School Concept: Yellow Pencils with a sharpener and shavings, on a blue background. Closeup of Santa Claus holding a small wrapped present in his hands, in his North Pole workshop background. High angle back to school still life on top of a wood teachers desk with a vintage instagram look. An apple, note pads, pencils and erasers with copy space. An open notebook surrounded by school supplies. Back to School concept with compass, eraser, stapler, tape dispenser, push pin, pencils, paper clips, scissors and a ruler on a blue background. School supplies arranged on the outer edge of a blue background. Center is blank for your own copy. Back to School Concept: Overhead flat lay arrangement of school supplies on a pink background. School Supplies: Still life on erased Chalkboard of assorted school supplies with copy space. Back to school concept: Text books with a red apple in front of a blank chalk board. Banner sized image with copy space. Back to school banner sized image with supplies and copy space. Overhead shot of two spiral bound notebooks with a compass and eraser on a partially erased blackboard. Horizontal format with copy space. Back to School Concept: Four Yellow Pencils pointing  a sharpener and shavings, on a blue background. Copy space on the left and bottom. Closeup of Santa Claus holding a Green Bottle of Beer Over a Red Background. Horizontal format . High angle shot of school supplies laid out on a wood desk. Back to School concept with paper, pads, pencils, notebooks, scissors, erasers and more. Horizontal format at an angle. Yellow Pencil and Sharpener on a yellow background. The pencil with shavings is shot from a high angle with copy space. Back to School theme. Construction worker wearing hard had and protective mask holding onto the handle of his shovel. Isolated over white in vertical format.